Common Palm Beach Private Duty Responsibilities

There are typically two types of home care services provided by home care agencies. Personal care deals with the daily tasks and activities of what an elderly individual goes though while health care involves medical attention provided by a skilled medical worker. The type of service to be rendered will depend on the needs of the patient as the scope of each service is entirely different. Knowing the common responsibilities involved in home care arrangements will help avoid misunderstandings in the long run.

Palm Beach Private Duty

1. Personal Care – Common responsibilities that involve personal care include bathing, showering and grooming. Assistance when brushing or help to get onto the toilet is expected of home care workers as needed.

2. Meal Preparation – The number of meals prepared by a home care worker will depend on the schedule of the elderly individual. Along with preparing meals, dispensing medication is most probably the most important responsibility of a home care worker. Sometimes, going to the grocery may also be part of the arrangement. In addition to preparing meals, cleaning up afterwards will usually be part of the deal as well.

3. Transportation – Depending on the home care agency, transportation is another benefit of Palm Beach private duty services. Transporting the individual to and from medical appointments, going to the salon or barber shop, taking the pet to the veterinarian or going to the mall for shopping are just some examples elderly individuals need transportation for. In addition to taking the elderly individual around town, errand running will also most likely be part of the arrangement as well.

4. Housekeeping – Light housekeeping is expected of home care workers as long as it involves the needs of the elderly individual. Cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, making beds and doing the laundry are just some tasks home workers are expected to do. In some cases, changing light bulbs and light yard maintenance is expected as well.

5. Companionship – Although not a responsibility nor a duty, companionship is more of a benefit more than an obligation. Home care workers keep the elderly individual company while inside the home. This may also include activities done outside of the home such as dining at a restaurant, watching a movie or playing Bingo.